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Brent has been mountain biking since 1984 starting in the Foothills of Los Angeles, Ca and working on bikes for a living since 1989. Family is extremely important to Brent and is at the heart of all he does. Brent loves long tough rides and has completed some big ones such as the Vapor Trail 125 (once on a rigid singlespeed!) Leadville 100, Stokesville 60K (Super rad if you get out to Virginia) and Barnburner 104 in Flagstaff, AZ.

Some Q and A with Brent

Q- What made you start a Bicycle Repair Business?

A- I love working on bikes and felt that the Salida area would benefit from an affordable bicycle repair shop. I wanted to deliver excellent work at a good price and make it a bit more convenient for riders who don't have an easy way to transport their bikes. We offer a pick up and delivery service.

Q-What's your favorite ride in the area?

A- Man, It's all so good here. In the High Country I like riding the Crest to Agate. Down Agate then back up Marshall Pass. From there I ride the Colorado Trail then Down Starvation Creek or sometimes Silver Creek. So good!

In town I really enjoy all the S Mountain and Methodist Mountain Trails. I'm quite fond of Hooligan and Chicken Dinner. I love riding Burnpile with my boy.

Q-Favorite ride out of the area?

A-I really dig Phil's World in Cortez, CO. Downieville, CA is rad too with too many good rides to count.

Q- How many bikes do you have?

A-4. My main ride is my Surly Karate Monkey Singlespeed. Custom built with some good stuff. I also have a Knolly Fugitive 138, an older Kona Lava Dome Singlespeed and an 84 Ross Mt Hood singlespeed.

Q-What's with all the singlespeeds? Those went out of style in the late nineties!

A-My love of the singlespeeds is mostly financial. You can build a really nice singlespeed at a good price. Way less wear and maintenance too. Singlespeeding is hard at first but if you stick with it and don't ride a geared bike for a while it gets better. I ride all the local trails and the high country on my singlespeed without much trouble at all, I'm in my early 50's. 


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